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I know several people have had more questions about everything from how many times a day do I feed my puppy, to how to choose a good veterinarian. So thought I would try to put something together that might help answer some of those questions. I know this will be one of those sections of the website that will never be finalized so just expect new information as I have time to work on it. 🙂👍


Q: What is your process for adopting one of your pups?

  • My process does not include a bunch of paperwork but we are thorough. READ MORE!

Q: What is the difference between the different prices of the puppies?

  • We have different prices because of the different registries we use. Sometimes we get pups that are super small because of genetics, those pups may need special care. Sometimes we discount an older pup.

Q: What form of payment do you take?

  • We take cash of course, any kind of credit or debt card, PayPal and Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

Q: Does my puppy need any more vaccinations?

Q: What kind of warranty am I getting with your puppies?

  • Florida law gives you a one year warranty on anything hereditary, so during your 1st year if your vet determines that your…READ MORE

Q: With the food you sent home with us, how much do we feed him/her?

  • We free feed the puppies because of the weaning process. We have pet doors so they can go outside….READ MORE

Q: Are your puppies crate trained?

  • Yes, they are used to being with their siblings when bedding down though. So during the acclimation process and separation from their siblings you need to expect some whining and crying.

Q: Are your puppies potty trained?

  • Our puppies are used to going outside to go potty. We have pet doors and they are used to going outside when they….READ MORE

Q: Does it cost me to Register my puppy?

  • Yes, but it is a minimal fee. But it is important to register the puppy in your name…..READ MORE

Q: What kind of food do you feed your dogs?

  • We feed Purina Pro. It has been hard to maintain a consistent relationship with Royal Canin …READ MORE

Q: Why do you say your pups are Full Registration, what does that mean?

Q: Where can you buy the puppy food?

  • You can get Purina Pro puppy food in a number of places. It’s literally almost everywhere.

Q: Do I have to keep my puppy on Purina Pro?

  • We recommend you keeping your puppy on Purina Pro, but it is not a requirement. For the sake of the puppy wait until….READ MORE

Q: Are the parents tested for OFA CAER, JHC, BAER, Boxer Cardiomyopathy,  Luxating Patella,  Hip Dysplasia, etc.?

  • We do not show our dogs in the AKC ring. We have had some testing done on our parents but most…..READ MORE
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