Medical Program

We operate under the care of a very good Veterinarian and I can’t say enough about finding one for yourself. We recommend ours to anyone in our area. Making sure your  dogs receive optimal care is as important as clean water and good food.

If you have questions about finding a good vet, we have found that smaller practices with older vets have been more fair with their pricing and care. And on the other hand, we have had our worse experiences with franchise (chain) vet offices.

We worm our Dogs and puppies with 3 different kinds of wormers in rotation. We give extra vaccinations like NeoPar and make sure the puppy shots are done on time. We give adult vaccines that include leptospirosis to our adults. We give Bravecto for fleas and ticks and absolutely love this product and we always recommend using it, (we live on two and a half acres that back to 40,000 acres of wildlife management area, we love being outdoors and never have a problem with fleas or ticks).

Our medical program is very through, but our dogs and puppies enjoy being in the country and we enjoy playing with them on our place. But we also understand that they can acquire parasites and other things from the water and dirt so we are proactive in protecting all our babies from those things by having a medical program that covers it all.

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