Breed Standards

Very rarely do dogs fulfill the jobs they were originally bred to do. So in searching for a new family member it helps to understand how, where and why the breed was bred and for what reason. In understanding that, you will know how to interact with and to properly train it. Here is some information on the BOSTON TERRIER BREED and also of the different colors of the Boston. Here’s some information on the BOXER BREED. The GOLDEN RETRIEVER has been an American favorite for many reasons, just a great all purpose hunting/family dog!

The SHIBA INU and the PUG are two very ancient oriental breeds. They could not be more different from each other though. The Pug has always been and will continue to be the companion of royalty. There is no surprises with them, just loyal, sweet fun loving babies. Shiba Inu on the other hand is a fine tuned hunting dog that is very active. You have to be ready for that type of personality. Click on the links for more information.

We understand that not every puppy is going to have that champion show ring look, but that does not make it any less lovable or able to give love. Though we try to breed for perfect confirmation and disposition we offer a range of size and personality of our breeds.

We do our best to eliminate the hereditary flaws of each breed (all pure breeds have them) by only using tested and cleared dogs to procreate the breeds, as any responsible breeder should. See our Sires & Dams.

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