Parents Tested

We do not show our dogs in the AKC ring. We have had some testing done on our parents but most of ours are cleared through parentage. But like our contract says, “All of our male breeding dogs have been DNA tested in accordance with AKC requirements.” And of course if you are looking for a show dog its always best to adopt one who has current champion bloodlines.

Some of these hereditary problems have occurred because of line breeding, thus I am absolutely and totally against it. Once a breed is established there is no reason to breed parents and grandparents to children!

But the puppies we offer are for pet homes (that doesn’t mean you can’t show if you want to)  and we do our best not to pass down “bad genes” to the pups. We want each pup to have a long happy life, and to bring lots of love to your home and family. That is why we make sure that our paperwork assures you we follow Florida law and if your Vet does come across something we are there to take care of it.

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