Beau & Sweet Pea

These two are just amazing Bostons! Beau is a sweet loving sire and takes such good care of his girls.  He’s a little bit of a space invader, so when people come, he does tend to make sure that you notice him. 😳😍 But overall he’s a great boy and a good dad. He’s my smallest boy & weighs about 16 – 18 lbs.

Sweet Pea is daddy’s baby!! She’s absolutely the best mom and is so loving and tends to those babies fanaticly. She is beautifully built and marked! She weights in at 14 – 16 lbs. When she was little every time someone reached down to pet her or pick her up she pittled in the floor (submissive peeing) thus her name 🥰🤣. She was born with her eyes open and they became infected with scaring that we could not reduce. So she is blind. She does not have JHC and for those who want to adopt her babies we have DNA testing on both  Parents proving that they are clear of both DM and JHC. Which you can see below.







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