Puppy Food

We have been with Royal Canin for years and years, we love the products but not being able to get the food regularly has forced a change. So only because of the absolute availability of the product we decided to move to Purina Pro Focus chicken and rice. You can literally get it anywhere.  We do not require you to feed Purina Pro dog food to your puppy to adopt one. But please be mindful of the puppy though, and wait to change his/her food after the acclimation process (usually 2-3 weeks) because that alone is stressful enough. And at least you will not have to change the food because you can’t find it. Changing their food during this time will only complicate problems with their stools. When it’s time, make sure you take a week or so and mix the food so that the change is not so abrupt. Mix only a little of the new food at the beginning, midway it should be half and half, then the last couple of days should be mainly just a new food. Consider a good food (that does not mean the most expensive), remember good nutrition and a healthy start mean less vet bills.

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