Bugg Puppies (Frenchie look-alike)

What is a BUGG? It’s a fun mix of Boston Terrier and a Pug. They are the Frenchie look-alike! All the cuteness without all the health problems. Here’s the link to the waiting list. These pups will be first generation designer mix. Which means that both parents are full blood. They will be registered and pedigreed, along with the regular health check and health certificate.

Sherman is 💙ADOPTED💙 and is no longer available.
DOB: 11/20/2022
GO HOME DATE: 1/15/2023
ACA Registered w/ PEDIGREE
Fawn Male


*see Nursery Page

The Bugg pups will be grouped in category by color.  Here’s a rough outline of what we ask and that includes full registration. 

ACA Red, Black & Tan, Sashige (Red & Black) are $2400

ACA Cream are $2600

ACA Sesame are $2900

The Buggs will be separated into different categories according to their color. We will be asking $1500 for the Blacks and Fawns (w/Black Mask). Those with white markings like Bostons will be $1700. The Blues, Brindles & such will be $1900.

These are 1st generation Buggs and will be papered and pedigreed.

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