Adoption Process

As of right now we are currently working down our waiting list, you do not have to make a deposit ($500) to be on the list. Once you add yourself to the list you can expect the wait to be somewhere between 1-3 months (sometimes shorter, a little bit longer for Boxers, about 7 months). If you try to add yourself and it gives you an error message “quota would be exceeded” that means the list is full for the month.  The list will renew on the 22nd of each month so you can try again that day or after. The waiting list is just a waiting list, the other features we do not use. And their estimated time of waiting is not accurate.

As I post pictures of the newborns on the nursery page, and you watch where you are on the list (I’m usually working the top 30-50),  you can have an idea of what will be available when it’s your turn.

I reach out to you via text when it’s your turn to choose, and I usually work the waiting list in batches (because it’s a free list I never know  who’s really waiting). Now if what you want is not available, no problem, we leave you where you are on the list and reach out again once the a new litter gets here as long as you respond to our text. The last thing I ever want is for someone to “settle” for a pup.

The next step involves you placing a hold or reserving the puppy you like via the website. Or you can come out to the farm to meet a couple of pups to decide.  We do not accept deposits ($500) until the pups are 4 weeks old. Deposits are transferable and refundable.

Once you have chosen, we do, or schedule the face to face interview. It is an actual appointment that requires you to come to the farm and have a verbal interview. If everything goes well (on both sides) then we finalize the adoption, this process takes about hour and a half to two hours.

Our interview process is not as formal as some but it is thorough. We of course go over all physical needs of puppy ownership making sure you have thought of everything and covered all the bases. Taking home an eight week old pup is like taking home a newborn baby from the hospital.

It’s a big deal for me that you know the breed, understanding both pros and cons. You may not have ever owned a Boxer or Boston, Shiba Inu or Pug but studying up on the breed of your choice goes a long way with me.  

We try to help those who need it, find the right fit for their families. Nobody wants puppies or families unhappy with their choice. Look in any dog pound or shelter and you will see they are full of very sad consequences from decisions of people who do not take this serious. So though we don’t make you fill out a stack of paperwork to adopt we still expect serious answers to our questions and we need you to know that it is a big decision.

As the breeder we are hands on or hands off as you need, which means if you have questions 5 minutes or 5 years after an adoption we will be there to help and then some. Going the extra mile for the wellbeing of the pups and the breed and the families who adopted is what we do, because it’s the right thing to do.

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