Cream Crested Legbar Chicks



If you are looking for a chicken that stands out from the flock, then look no further than the Cream Legbar.

This breed is best known for their beautiful pastel BLUE eggs and their distinctive appearance.


Cream Legbars are a healthy and self-reliant breed that are known to be extra savvy in avoiding predators.


Cream Legbar Chicken Overview

Crested Cream Legbar

The Cream Legbar is a very unique looking chicken with a very unique personality.

These chickens are known for the elegant crest of feathers sprouting from the back of their head, and also for laying one of a kind beautiful pastel blue eggs.

Legbars are best described as curious, low maintenance, and independent foragers.

It is wonderful to watch them explore their surroundings for any and all hidden snacks; no leaf will be left unturned!

An interesting fact about this breed is that they are auto-sexing.

This means that their sex can be determined hours after hatching. This is based on the coloration of the down feathers in chicks (more on this later). This means there will be no surprises when buying Cream Legbar chicks.

Cream Legbar Chicken
Beginner Friendly: Yes.
Lifespan: 5-10 years.
Weight: Hen (5.5lb) and Rooster (7.5lb).
Color: Cream with grey barring.
Egg Production: 4 per week.
Egg Color: Blue.
Known For Broodiness: No.
Good With Children: Yes.

Close Up Cream LegbarCream Legbar Chicks

Additional information


The Cream Legbar is a beautiful breed.

They are actually a color variety of the popular Legbar.

As their name suggests they are a cream color with grey barring. Hens have salmon spotting on their neck and breast too. Hens are also a slightly darker color than roosters and their back is more grey than cream when compared to the males.

At first glance this breed looks smaller than the average chicken. However, the Cream Legbar is actually a medium sized hen. They have compact feathers which fit closely to their body which is why they appear smaller!

Their body is shaped like a triangle with a long flat back, and a straight elongated tail. Roosters will hold their tail at about 45 degrees and hens’ tails will be held a little lower.

They have a single red comb, red wattles and their earlobes are either white or cream. Both their legs and beak are yellow.

One of their most notable features is their crest. They have feathers sprouting off from behind their comb on top of their head. This is why they are sometimes known as Crested Cream Legbars.

Hens vs Roosters

Because these chicks are autosexing, telling the difference in sex is obvious hours after hatching.

Females (left) have dark striping and a very small white dot on the back of their head. Males (right) are lighter in color and have a more prominent white spot on the back of their head.

As adults the roosters are easily identifiable from hens.

The roosters have much bigger combs and wattles than the hens. The tail of the rooster is also much more prominent and held at a higher angle above the body. The roosters may or may not have spurs on the back of their feet too.

Size and Weight

Cream Legbar hens weigh about 5.5lbs and roosters weigh about 7.5lbs.

What Is It Like To Own A Cream Legbar?

These hens are active foragers, very quirky and inquisitive about their environment.

They are so active that they might even over forage in your garden! If you do grow vegetables then make sure you have them behind a secure fencing system.

You can expect them to be very independent.

They do not need as much maintenance as other breeds and are beginner friendly.

Cream Legbars are very alert chickens and are well known for avoiding predators. Despite this ability, it is still necessary to keep an eye on your flock to keep them safe.

Because they are so peaceful they can get along with other breeds very well. However they might get picked on a little bit for their feathers which make them appear slightly smaller than the rest of the flock.


Cream Legbars are well known for being docile and friendly.

They are exceptional foragers and thrive when left to free range.

These chickens are more alert than other breeds and are very aware of their surroundings and of each other. Because they are so aware of their surroundings they can be flighty at times because anything uncertain is seen as a potential danger.

Self-sufficient and very curious are two good ways to describe them. This breed won’t hesitate to explore any nooks and crannies within the yard and they are always looking for a snack.

Due to being part Longhorn, broodiness is not likely with these hens.

Roosters in particular are more aggressive than other breeds and have a heightened instinct to protect their flock.

Just remember that each chicken is unique and their personality can differ. Their temperament will also depend on how they were raised.

Egg Production

Cream Legbars are very popular because of their unique egg laying abilities.

You can expect them to lay around 4 blue eggs each week. This adds up to over 200 eggs a year.

The eggs are medium to large and are a beautiful pastel blue color. Unfortunately it is only the outside shell of the egg that has the blue coloration, the inside yolk is the same golden color as any other egg.

You should expect them to start laying their pastel blue eggs at about 6 months.




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