Easter Egger Hens

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Beautiful birds and beautiful eggs!

Known for their beauty and laying easter egg colors!

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Easter Egger Chicken

Ameraucana Chicken- Care Guide, Color Varieties and More

The Ameraucana is a unique chicken among its peers.

It is a fairly recent addition to the chicken breeds making its’ debut in the 1970s.

It has a staunch band of breeders and followers in this country and many others and is slowly gathering more folks who are becoming devoted followers.

The history of the Ameraucana is a bit convoluted, as we shall see.

The coloring of the Ameraucana is quite variable, with several color palettes to choose from – anywhere from black to white, blue to wheaten. The variety of colors available makes this a beautiful bird.

It is considered a winter hardy, dual-purpose breed.

The beard and muffs give the bird a somewhat ‘chipmunk face,’ looking like their cheeks are puffed out!

With the eyes being bay red, they can look a bit fierce, but they are quite a docile bird. The look is deceiving.

In reading reviews for the temperament of this bird, I noticed a wide variety of behaviors.

Whether or not this reflects upbringing or other circumstances is hard to determine. Its temperament has been noted as anywhere from skittish to docile and gentle.

It is generally a friendly bird but doesn’t necessarily enjoy being picked up and cuddled.

The Ameraucana is usually sociable with its’ own kind and usually sits in the middle of the pecking order.

It also enjoys human contact and interactions; most folks say it is a brilliant and predator-savvy bird.

The Ameraucana is said to have a hawk-like appearance, and some enthusiasts appreciate this quality for free-range flocks.

It is thought that mimicry deters attacks from actual hawks or other animals. The laser-focus of their bay red eyes only adds to this theory.

Young Araucana Chicken


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