She had a GREAT first day/night! We’re in love 💕


Sweet puppy dreams….. Ella says Thank you for everything! We will be in touch….

Pixie (Ella) had a good check up with our Vet today…he said she was very healthy!! She was microchipped too.

She’s up to 4.1 lbs. now.


She is already so loved 💕 We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!


They were so excited to see each other and Merle has never played with other dogs like that. They are so happy! We named her Dolly 💖


Good morning Misty, this is Joann, just thought I would send you a picture of Kim. Her new name is Dolly and we love her so much and she is adapting well as you can see from the picture. Hope you have a Merry Christmas we already are. Glad we met you and found this wonderful puppy. 🐾🐾❤🎄⛄🐶

Happy Fall 🎃🍁 From Teddy & Reagan!


So after some play time with our dog Rowdy…..little ms. Roxy is worn out and ready for a nap. Thank you for the great gift bag and information. We all have been missing our girl Maggie and Roxy seems to be a great spirit lifter. Thank you❣


Best buddies, she’s fearless! New puppy vet trip went perfect and they said paperwork was top notch. Thanks Again.


So this is Tilly (Suzie) and she gets along with our boxer just fine.

Thank you so much she is adjusting great and we love our new baby! She now weighs 5.8 pounds.


Good morning! It’s Jennifer from GA, we adopted the tiny brindle boy we named Cooper (aka Ken) and wanted to update you. He’s just the sweetest little fella ever! He has adjusted well into our family!! Our vet said he is perfect! Thank you so much!


Thought u might want to know..
Marley is now 6.72 ibs
Ziggy is now 5.32 ibs 🥰


She has found her spot under my desk and is doing well! Slept like a champ last night ❤

Just wanted to say thank you for helping raise such a sweetheart! She has been a perfect fit in our family and I am so happy we came to meet her. We will be sure to visit sometime when we are in the area!


I just wanted to thank you again for little Ricky we love him so much!


Kim is doing well. Whatever that noise was, it went away. She had a clean bill of health at the vet today. She is a great puppy and adapting well. I think she’s enjoying it here 🥰 Thank you for everything.


She’s AWESOME!!!!!! My kids are sooooooo happy. She’s beautiful! The vet loved your vet’s paperwork, She said it was very well done. We’re very happy with our girl! She’s made a perfect addition to the family!


Just thought I would send you a picture of Vyper. He is the sweetest dog. Love him to death. Spoiled he is lol!


They are inseparable! Thank you again for blessing us with her!


She starts each morning showering us in kisses and squeaks when we get home she’s so excited. Jon is with her 24/7 … she’s not been alone yet. When we go to grocery she’s even in carrier with us. To say she is spoiled. May be an understatement.


Hey there. The family loved our new baby. Thank you tons. Thought you might enjoy this pup just sunbathing.


We named him Noah, he sure keeps me busy! He’s great, also gave your number to a couple of my friends, they want one.


He’s such a great pup, gets along great with his friends! We have named him Elvis, we love him so much!


Hi it’s Debbie from Fernandina Beach. Just wanted to let u know Marley is friggin adorable, he fits into our family beautifully!!! He is now 25 lbs and towers over our other 2, and he’s not even 5 months old yet!!! Our veterinarian is crazy about him &  said said we got a very special little guy! Bostons r her specialty. I cannot tell u how much joy he gives us every day!


I want to let you know the puppies doing great he more than that my expectations he’s wonderful thank you very much!


She is doing so well, Peaches and her are like the sisters as I hoped playing wonderfully and laying together.  See Attached photos.


He’s doing great and is more comfortable around us and doing good with his potty training! We love him so much thank you!


Thank you so much for Hank! He’s such a naturally well behaved boy, we love him so much!

-Brooke & Mary

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