Lavender Orpington Chicks




Known for their calm friendly demeanor and egg production!


Orpingtons come in a large variety of colors and patterns.

These past couple of years have seen a steady rise in interest for Lavender and Blues.

They are a large fluffy, friendly hen – they have a profusion of feathers, making them seem much more significant than they are.

They are known to be curious, docile, cuddly, and relatively intelligent, which makes them adorable!

As they are so calm and quiet, they are often lower in the pecking order than the more assertive ladies of your flock.

They get picked on by other hens, so be aware of this and deal with it as needed.

They are said to be good foragers, although they are more likely to hang out near the feeders – being a bit on the lazy side.

Lavender Orpington Quick Breakdown

Lavender Orpington Breakdown
Type Orpingtons are a Standard breed although this color is not recognized
Class English
Temperament Calm and friendly bird
Kid-friendly Yes
Broody Yes
Heat Hardiness Need plenty of shade and water during the summer months
Cold Hardiness Yes
Space per bird 4-10 square feet per bird
Beginner Friendly Yes
Eggs per year 170-200
Egg Size Medium
Egg Color Light Brown
Dual Purpose Yes
Mature Weight Male: 160oz (10lb)

Female: 128 oz (8lb)

Sex Link
Comb Type Single, five point
Heritage Breed No
Processing Age Ready Between 16-20 weeks
Lifespan 8-10 years


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