Brown Chinese Goslings


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The Brown Chinese goose is a graceful and attractive breed. These docile geese are the best layers of all goose breeds, producing 40-100 large eggs annually if managed properly. They are good foragers, sometimes referred to as “Weeder Geese”, and produce meat with a low grease content. At maturity, ganders can weigh approximately 12 pounds while the geese average 10 pounds.

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Brown Chinese Geese: Beautiful, Docile Egg Layers
The grace and beauty of the Brown Chinese breed of goose can be attributed to its Asiatic Swan Goose roots. Their long, elegant necks contribute to their distinguished air. In fact, a pair of Chinese geese were good enough to be given to George and Martha Washington as gifts.

Brown Chinese Geese have a few nicknames, including “Swan Geese” (thanks to their curved, swan-like necks) and “Weeder Geese” (because of their foraging and weed-eating abilities).

They are the smallest of all the geese, as well as the best egg producers. The meat they offer is less greasy than typical goose meat, and they act as capable “watchdogs.”

The Brown Chinese Goose was listed in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1874.

How Large Do Brown Chinese Geese Grow?
Brown Chinese ganders will reach a maximum weight of 12 pounds, while geese (females) will top out at no more than 10 pounds.

What are the Benefits of Owning Brown Chinese Geese?
When compared to other breeds of geese, Brown Chinese produce roughly twice as many eggs (and goslings). Their meat is scrumptious, juicy, tender…without being too greasy.

The weedeaters of the animal kingdom, these herbivores have an appetite for foraging, and when properly managed can keep an area looking neat and tidy.

Add to all of this their keen eyes and loud vocals, and you’ll never have to wonder if someone or something has entered the property. They’re even known for chasing off varmints!

The Chinese Brown Goose’s Temperament
These geese are highly social animals, and if you’ve raised them, they will recognize and “converse” with you. In fact, if goslings are imprinted, you may actually notice that they prefer your company over that of other geese. This will only occur, of course, if you raise them in a very interactive, hands-on manner.

They will even become tolerant of children if raised alongside them, with plenty of feeding and gentle contact by the children.


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