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About Turken Naked Neck Chickens: Is it a Turkey or a Chicken?
Here is an odd bird, and chances are, you’ve never seen another breed quite like it. Some people even think that Turkens are an actual cross between a turkey and a chicken.
The name Turken can sometimes add to this confusion, as the name is derived from the once popular idea that this animal was a hybrid animal. Despite the possible misleadings, Naked Neck chickens are just an interesting breed of chicken.

About Turken Naked Neck Chickens
Turken Naked Necks originated in Transylvania and were bred mainly in Germany. These chickens have a dominant gene that carries the naked neck trait. It’s easy to pass this gene on to other breeds, so these can be a fun bird to play around with in hybrid projects. There are several different color variations for the breed that have been accepted into the American Poultry Association, such as black, buff, red and white colors.
Turken Naked Neck Characteristics
1. Temperament
One thing that is well noted about the Turken Naked Necks is their great personality. These chickens have very calm and friendly personalities as well as tame dispositions. Turken Naked Necks also make great broody hens and are fantastic mothers.
2. Size and Weight
Turken Naked Neck chickens are considered a dual purpose breed, so they can be a bit weighty. Hens tend to weigh between 6-7 pounds fully grown. Roosters weigh a bit more, coming in anywhere between 8 and 9 pounds when fully matured.
3. Egg Production
Egg production from Turken Naked Necks isn’t the greatest, but it could be worse. Averaging about 100 large brown eggs per year, a flock of these birds can provide a decent amount of eggs.
4. Meat Production
Turken Naked Necks are a top pick for meat production due to their lack of feathers. In fact, Turken Naked Necks have up to 50% fewer feathers than most chickens.
This can make them an ideal choice for homesteaders without efficient methods of plucking because half of your work is eliminated! As far as actual meat production goes, these birds are good producers of a decent amount of meat.

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