Cuckoo Maran Chicks


Dark chocolate egg layers! Beautiful chickens!

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Cuckoo Marans are bred to produce extremely dark brown eggs. Their eggs are a superb dark, shiny chocolate color. The feathers of the Cuckoo Maran are crossed throughout with irregular dark and light slate colored barring. They are similar in appearance to Barred Plymouth Rocks, with less distinct barring. For this reason, they are known as cuckoo rather than barred. Cuckoo Marans are a good laying chicken and an active, hardy forager.

  • Lay Rate – Good

  • Egg Color – DARK BROWN

  • Purpose – Layer

  • Leg Type – Clean

  • Origin – France

  • Adult Female Weight – 4.5 lbs.

  • Adult Male Weight – 6.5 lbs.

  • Standard – Yes

  • Category – Very Rare


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