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READY NOW! They will be ready to process in a week! Big beautiful meat/broiler chickens!

So, let’s sort that out right off the bat—the Cornish chicken is not the same as the Cornish Cross broiler. The Cornish Cross is a hybrid of the Cornish and the Plymouth White chicken, which we bred to produce the meat you see in the grocery store.

Cornish Crosses combine the weight of the Cornish and the visual appeal and growth rate of the Plymouth White to create the lovely large chicken breasts you take to the grill every summer.

These meaty chickens can weigh in at around 9 lbs., thus the source of our modern-day Cornish Cross.

Their size is certainly large enough to feed the entire family. So, while they appear slim and sleek, they are actually quite muscular and hefty.

One might even refer to the Cornish chicken as a stocky bird due to its short neck, wide skull, and well-spaced legs (which causes the Cornish Cross a few problems down the line when their body weight becomes too much for their legs to handle).

As you may have guessed, this chicken’s specialty is all in the muscle of her physique. She is a rough and tough, mighty gal that can feed the family dinner with some leftovers for chicken noodle soup the next day.

The Cornish chicken was bred as a meat bird and a game bird, which is the reason for the intense weight of her body.

If it weren’t for the slow growth rate of the Cornish, there wouldn’t have been much of a need to develop the Cornish-Cross. Additionally, the skin of the Cornish is yellow, rather than the publicly appealing pearl-white of the Cross.


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