Novogen (Hyline) White Leghorn Chicks


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Since Leghorns can be a bit noisy, neighbors should be far away to avoid potential conflicts between you and them.

They are not a pushy or assertive bird, so care should be taken when selecting flock mates. Breeds such as Barnevelders, Faverolles and Welsummers would do well with Leghorns.

We have mentioned that they can be confined, but if they have insufficient room or become bored from lack of stimulation they will be a bit more difficult to handle.

In the right environment where they can free range at least part of the day, they will reward you with lots of lovely eggs and a low feed bill.

They really aren’t suitable for children as they dislike being held or petted – it is just not their nature. They have kept a lot of their natural independence and so dislike being ‘captive’ or confined.

If you want hens that are prolific egg layers, low maintenance and independent then the Brown Leghorn may be your bird.

Leghorns are a no nonsense breed. They don’t really want fussed with and do their ‘job’ (egg laying) very well.

At one time the Leghorn family was endangered, but thanks to folks like you and others who are interested in preserving rarer breeds, the breed is now listed as recovering by the Livestock Conservancy.

Although they won’t lay as prolifically as a new point of lay bird, they will still lay and it will give you time to decide whether or not you want some more of these ladies. Leghorns are said to lay fairly well even into their fourth year. The eggs may get fewer, but they do get bigger!


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