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The majestic Brahma is an old breed with its roots far back in time; as with many heritage breeds, the exact genetic makeup of this bird is unknown.

Historians have reconstructed the likely origins of this noble bird from clues left in the poultry books and journals of the 1800s.

Famed for its size and known as King of ‘Chickens,’ it’s a docile, calm breed that is both meat and egg-laying bird.

Brahma Chicken: Table Fare and Eggs


The Brahma was initially bred as table fare. In the 1800s’ the bird was, in fact, much larger, and one bird could easily feed a large family cheaply.

Between 1850 and 1930, the Brahma was the table chicken unrivaled by any other.

Even nowadays, the size of the bird is enough to feed a family of four, but if you prefer to keep your hens for eggs, the Brahma performs well enough.

A hen will produce 3–4 eggs per week – and here’s the excellent news; they prefer to lay from October to May, just when your other girls are thinking about shutting down for winter!

The eggs are medium to large in size, brown in color.

The downside is that the hens can take six to seven months before they start laying.


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