Black Sex-Link Maran Chicks

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Dark chocolate egg layers! Beautiful chickens!

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Black Maran Sex Links are good layers like Black and Red Sex Links and produce dark brown eggs. The breed is of American origin and a cross between the Black Copper Maran male and Cuckoo Maran female. Mature females closely resemble the Black Copper Maran, but have less leg feathering and less copper in the neck. Males take after Cuckoo Marans. They are black with some green in their tails. As babies they are black. They are dual-purpose. Females weigh 6 lbs. and males weigh 8 lbs.

  • Sexable – Yes

  • Lay Rate – Good

  • Egg Color – DARK BROWN

  • Purpose – Layer

  • Leg Type – Clean

  • Origin – France

  • Adult Female Weight – 4.5 lbs.

  • Adult Male Weight – 6.5 lbs.

  • Standard – Yes

  • Category – Very Rare

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~What Is It Like To Own A Marans Chicken?

Marans Chickens love to be active.

If you let them free range you will often see them wandering around at their leisure.

You will also see them foraging.

They really do thrive on activity so if you can let them out of the run for a supervised range they will benefit tremendously from it.


Marans are generally docile and friendly chickens.

They do not bully other birds, but will not tolerate being picked on either.

Despite this they are remarkably easy to handle.

Hens are friendly and will follow you around for treats. However they are not overly cuddly so do not expect them to become lap chickens.

Because they have a lot of gamecock genetics, it is not surprising that the roosters can be a bit contentious at times. You should not leave them unsupervised around small children especially in the breeding season.

~Egg Production

Marans are famous because of their eggs.

They lay a rich and deep brown (almost chocolate) colored egg.

You can expect them to lay between 150-200 eggs each year. However, if you are aiming for really dark eggs then the production rate may be slightly less. To use the printer ink analogy: there is only a certain amount of pigment available so the more eggs there are the lighter they will be.

The French use a gradation scale for color desirability.

Interestingly, 007 himself (James Bond) is said to love Marans’ eggs.

Hens are about average when it comes to broodiness – some like to be broody and others could not care less. They do make great mothers though.
Egg Production
Eggs Per Week: 4 Eggs.
Color: Chocolate brown.
Size: Medium.

~Noise Levels

This is a quiet breed that is not prone to vocal outbursts.

You should only expect to hear the egg song or a rooster crowing. Because of this they are well suited for urban living.


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